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About Us

Since? we became a registered charity in 1994, the Guelph Historical Railway Association has been working to preserve Guelph’s wonderful railway history. We accomplish this through many ways. One of or main ways is the collecting, restoration and preservation of historical railway artifacts. Our collection ranges from rolling stock, to lanterns, paperwork, hardware and so much more. Another aspect of our work is preserving and archiving historical photographs of Guelph and Canada’s railway history.

Our Collection

The Guelph Historical Railway Association is more than just a researching group. We actively collect, restore and display antique railway equipment and artifacts. Take a look at our collection below!

Railway History

As a Historical Society, the GHRA researches and preserves local historical information about the Guelph area. You can see our photograph library, railway history and more below!


Our latestest news and updates.
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